Mission Statement

We are a progressive food company having the highest quality standards, currently engaged in manufacturing and marketing of dairy products. We believe in adding value to the lives of our consumers and to hire, train and motivate the best human resources. We shall always strive to achieve & retain competitive advantages through consistent product development. We are geared to achieve Riba free operations within the next five years.

Company History

1967: Horlicks, of England established Pakistan Milkfood Manufacturers Ltd. (PMML) in a small town called Jhang in the country midlands with the family owning a small part of the company.

1970: Pakistan Milkfood Manufacturers Ltd. (PMML) was bought out by the family, and was authorized to use the Horlicks brand name.

1972: The Company launched its own brand “Malticks”, after using the Horlicks brand name for two years.

1973: The Company ventured into the imports of high quality fat filled milk powder from Ireland under the brand name Millac, and formed a company by the name of Millac Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Ever since, Millac remains a household name when it comes to milk.

1986: PMML invested in a sweetened condensed milk plant, and launched the brand Comelle. Ever since its inception, Comelle has remained the market leader in its category.

1991: The Company launched the Irish Milk Powder for the bulk market, and branded it Corolac.

1999: Milk Powder manufacturing capacity was enhanced by investing in a modern, state-of-the-art plant in the vicinity of Manga, Kasur, under the corporate logo of Millac Foods (Pvt.) Ltd.

2000: The brand Nutramil was launched. Nutramil is a high quality milk powder at an affordable price.

2003: In January, Millac 1kg pouch was launched which was a much-needed addition to the Millac product line.

2003: Skimillac, an ace brand in the skimmed milk category was launched.

2004: The Company re-launched Comelle, with the new packaging and plastic lid. Comelle sachet was also added to the existing product line.

2004: Perkup, a tea-whitener was launched to broaden the existing product range.

2005, January : The Company launched Comelle Khalis Desi Ghee, with "Easy Open End" packaging and plastic lid.

2005, May: The much awaited 'Price Fighter' Milk powder, NutraMil was launched successfully.

2005, August: Skimillac 1kg pouch was added in the portfolio with Extensive Merchandising activities.

2005, September : Millac Family was re-launched with a completely new packaging & Extensive ATL & BTL campaigns.

2006: Millac is now an ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004 & HACCP Certified Company.

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